The MistleToe Tee Shirt Promotion

The concept of a tiny missile that could be launched from the toe of a boot immediately made me smile.  My initial thought went immediately James Bond-style spy gear.  When I thought through it further though the military angle...


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Filament Swatch Box

In my first steam class when it came time to choose colors for the kids’ prints, I set out all of the filament boxes and opened them up so the kids could make their picks. When I got their requests it was clear that some...



Time to Pivot

In trying to decide what to do with this site I have been through a wide range of ideas but I think I have found the direction I would like to go.  Before explaining that I would like to provide a little background about myself...

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Balancing Act

One of our star students is asking for advice. Opening her laptop, she displays a color-coded spreadsheet on which she has carefully charted the rest of her undergraduate career: coursework to complete for two majors, study...

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Youtube Channel

I started a youtube channel under the Sugoi Photo brand about a month ago, but in re-evaluating what kind of video I wanted to create I felt I should brand it under the Sugoi Creative name because it opens up so many more...

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