In my first steam class when it came time to choose colors for the kids’ prints, I set out all of the filament boxes and opened them up so the kids could make their picks. When I got their requests it was clear that some didn’t pay too close attention to the task at hand. I had requests for colors I didn’t have, kids were disappointed with how the color came out, and I had to deal with the kids that were absent that day as we sorted through all the boxes again to pick a color.

I’m prepared now for my second steam group. I’m about halfway through printing sample swatches for all of my filaments. They have another print for this handy little box to store them in. Each swatch has the Filament Type, Color, Suggested Printing Temperature, and samples of its bridging capability, accuracy, and transparency. It will be much easier to pull out my little sample box with each print request so that kids can make the right choice the first time.

Filament Swatch:

Swatch Box:

Both Designs are credited to: Jim Tiffin Jr